Glistening crystal, symmetry, strength and the divine numbers of nature. Inspiration for the DOBRZANSKA knitwear draws upon much more than color and cloth, it is the convergence of a naturalist’s observations and a technician’s know-how. These concepts characterize the inventive, visually satisfying, sometimes organic, approach to design found in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear.​

The metaphor of simplicity emerging from chaos is not lost in these designs, from the wool fibers spun to yarn and interwoven to form tightly set patterns, to the adorning bijou which ask questions with each slow sparkle. In some cases, these elements are designed to please the eye in their equilibrium, in others, to instill the sense of an infinite expansion into the realm of the near psychedelic.​

The purity of natural sequences take an important role in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear, lending it a harmony that soothes the soul of wearer while the regularity of the woven details accent the natural streamlines of the female form. Is natural beauty is at work here, perhaps the wearer herself becomes more precious, more valuable. ​

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